Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Country Mouse...

This afternoon we were blessed with some much needed rain and some cooler temperatures. So Danny and I thought we would go out to the barn behind the house and start sorting through Danny's tools and begin putting together some shelving.

Once we had some of the shelves and bins put together I started dragging over all those tools scattered about and began laying them out on a table for him to put where he wanted. How can a person have so many hammers...must be how I have so much fabric!

I'm thinking as I'm pulling all those tools out of boxes and sacks hope I don't run across any critters. I do not like mice, snakes, or worms! Well of course it wasn't long before I started hollaring and Danny was yelling What????? Just a few days ago I had found a snake waiting for me just inside the door so I guess he thought it's another snake.

Nope just a mouse...So finally I get up my courage and tip the box over and leave it alone hoping the mouse makes his get away. I continued gathering up more tools but leave the box alone. After a while I decided okay the mouse is gone all is safe so I brought the rest of the stuff to the table and begin opening packages and boxes....Mercy Me there it was inside a box with it's head tucked inside a grease cap driver and it's tail sticking out! Good grief I was holding it....I know I lost a year of my life right there. Believe me I can move fast when I need to. Danny grabbed the box and out the door it went. I think Danny may be on his own with the rest of those boxes.

The little mouse in the picture is from a trip several years ago that I purchased at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Mo. when my Mom, sisters, and I went on a weekend visit and had great fun. Not a one of us like mice. But being the prankster I am along with my sister Sherry we purchased a few and decided we would plant a couple of them in our hotel room....Oh you should have seen my Mom believing we had mice in the bathroom! I still get a good laugh just thinking about it! Then my younger sisters had come back from a walk and what fun watching them scream and standing on the beds blaming me for getting a mice infested room!

You just never know where this little mouse will show up....He has actually been to church! I know shame on Me!

Happy Trails....Ginger


Granny B said...

Great mouse story. I too, bought some mice at SDS. There is one in permanent residence under a glass in the kitchen cabinet.
The others have moved around the house for several years. My grandkids love them showing up in odd places. The oldest grandson has gotten me a couple of times moving one to my jewelry box, and another to a seldom used purse. Some adult visitors aren't so sure it is all that much fun, but this grandma loves the game.

Sherry said...

I could see me doing the same thing!!!!!! I HATE MEESES TO PIECES!!!!!! But we get them!!!!

Sherry aka:The Queen

Anonymous said...

Ginger, mice are ok....long distance but not up close like that ick!! That is so funny bout the pranks.... sounds like you had fun though.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I'm still giggling. We got after my mom with a chicken this weekend. Makes her crazy but she does this funny little dance and laughs and screams at the same time. It's hard to resist, isn't it? LOL