Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Sunshine

Sunny days on the farm this February to good to pass up a walk....

The front pond is so low.

Brilliant blue skies on what should be a cold day!


Matilda and Margaret have been naughty girls they made their way to the house last week and chewed up my bushes.  Back to the lot at the barn for these gals. 

The barn is still full of hay as well as down by the shed.  Next week more cattle are coming to make their home here for the spring and summer.

I've been hooking winter projects and finished up Dear Santa's today...

Olde quilts repurposed into pinkeeps and a cupboard hanger.

Well.....back to whipping on a few chair pads :)
Hope you have enjoyed your Saturday!
Happy Trails....Ginger


WoolenSails said...

So nice to enjoy a sunny day in the winter, but here it was also cold and windy, so stayed indoors, lol.


Jacque. said...

I can deal with almost any temperature as long as the sun is out. Love your pieces!

Dag said...

what lovely pictures!
i especially love the idea of the repurposed quilts! and your santas are just so cute!
happy weekend!

Primitive Stars said...

Oh!! thank you, so nice to see green grass instead of snow......Love the chair pad your working on, so pretty, Francine.

moosecraft said...

Beautiful golden sunshine! It's always so dreamy in Spring and Fall as it sits low in the sky. Baaaaad Matilda and Margaret! Cute sewie projects! I sure wish I could send some rain your way...

cucki said...

so beautiful..i love days like this..
big hugs x

Trace4J said...

Beautiful day.
Love your handwork, but oh my Matilda and Margaret are so sweet.
Woolie Hugs