Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wonderful Handmade's and One Happy Lil' Boy!

While visiting with Betty in Lenexa she gifted me with this wonderful little pillow and goodies. She is extremely talented in anything she does. I just love her little tiny stitches. Thank you Betty I sure treasure our friendship!

Someone was thrilled when inside a package was a little gift just for him!

A new flashlight he had to show off to all the stuffed animals, dinosaurs, and of course inspecting places with his flashlight is always fun. Thank you Kelley for thinking of Sloan.

Kelley sent me this wonderful cross-stitched pillow and needle case. Isn't it just awesome. Tiny little stitches in the most primitive colors. Thank you Kelley I just love them.

Well I'm back home after another pacemaker placement. I'm now am on #6 it's amazing how far they have come since my first one 15 years ago. Thank you for the many thoughts and prayers.

Happy Trails...Ginger


primitivebettys said...

You are welcome, Ginger. :) It is just a small token of friendship.

Your goodies from Kelley are so SWEET! Both your's and Sloan's!

I'm so happy the surgery went well yesterday & that you are home today. Please follow the doc's orders. I'm sure part of them must have said to take it easy!



Joanne said...

Oh Ginger - so glad you are home adn blogging already! Wow - yes they have come far and I'm glad they were able to fix ou up! Love your goodies from Betty and Kelley - these girls are the best!

Stina said...

Happy to hear you are ok after surgery.. welcome home.. Love the gifts that have been sent to you.. al so gorgeous... Take care...and have a quick recovery!!!

moosecraft said...

Beautiful gifts for a beautiful person!!! :-) So glad the surgery went smooth and you are back home enjoying your home and Sloan! ~hugs!

katie said...

I love all your little gifts. I did cross stitch 30 years ago but now am seeing things I really love.
I didn't know you had a pacemaker. My dearest friend has one and just had to have her battery changed.
Take care of yourself and keep rested. Sloan needs his grandma

Country Whispers said...

Glad to hear that everything went well.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
Glad you are home and all is well ;-)
Great goodies from good friends!
Pug hugs :)