Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Never Too Late....

Well It's never too late to learn a valuable lesson and believe you me I've learned one. I should never ever let things pile from now on I'll be whipping those rugs as I get them done. Well I've finished up 6 in the massive pile....but one is a challenge rug so it can't be shown just yet. I even hung them up here and there in the house. The lil' welcome mat is hanging in the guest/toy room. The dolls were made by my dear friend Betty.

This basket of flowers I hooked back last May and just finished up the binding. I think this is where it all started....should have bound it when I got it done!

This was a challenge rug from last fall. I bound this one with wool.

The bossy behind I tried whipping the edges with wool strips and it went really fast. Looks pretty good on the old milk stool.

This basket of flowers I hooked about a week ago and I also whipped the edges with wool strips and it's hanging on the wall.

I thought at first I had about 23 to finish but after cleaning I found a few stray mats that needed the binding also so guess I'll just keep plugging away.

So what's your favorite way to bind a rug? Thought I would try a variety of ways to see what I like best.

Happy Trails....Ginger


patijane said...

Wow, girl. You are whipping those rugs You inspire me to get the two done that I have finished hooking. They all look beautiful. Which way of binding is your favorite so far?

primitivebettys said...

Hey you have been moving right along! I can't get over the amount of works you can get done & they are all so great too!