Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dreams Really Do Come True!

I hope that each of you had a wonderful beginning to 2016! 
With the beginning of a New Year we are working hard on finishing our retreat barn. 

2015 was a year filled with blessings and sorrows.  We lost Danny's brother Jim from the ugly disease of brain cancer but with that came the blessing of knowing that he gave his heart to the Lord and know that he is in Heaven. 

 My dear friend Ann and I vended at Silver Dollar City for two months and I handed in my notice that I wouldn't be attending as a craft vendor this coming fall.   Life has a way of changing and once again it is time to take a new path.  That is what keeps life interesting!  Silver Dollar City was such a fun place to be and demonstrate rug hooking, Oxford Rug punch, locker hooking, and more.  It was a blessing to see young children enjoy learning a craft that has been around for such a long time.  They loved seeing how they could create something with their hands.  Ann and I truly enjoyed our time there!  We have met so many folks and made some lifelong friends!!!! 

Eva even had a go at punching....not too bad for a three year old lefty!

The grandkiddos are getting so big and they are a blessing each and every day!  We are so blessed to have them live so close.


Eva Mae

Betty Rae
So back to the retreat barn.....Here is a peek inside!
This is part of the big workroom area and over to the left will be my little store.

Store in the corner and the white door leads to one of the outdoor porches.

From the workroom looking over to where the fridge, cabinets and countertops will go in along the walls.  Plus a dining area.  Restrooms are down the hallway along with a laundry room.

Another view of the big workroom with French doors going out to another outdoor porch.

Portion of the bunkhouse that will have 10 beds.

Another portion of the bunkhouse that will have 6 beds. 
Yes a 16 bed bunkhouse in all.....3 restrooms, a store, laundry room, and a big work area!  It is a dream come true!!!
Happy Trails.....Ginger


Michele Lator-Murray said...

What an amazing dream coming true. I can't wait to come to a retreat <3

annie said...

Heartily sorry about the loss of your brother but gladdened, because he is resting in the arms of Jesus.

The kiddos sure have grown, how cute.

Lovin' your shop and bunkhouse, hope all your dreams come true.

Three Sheep Studio said...

Ginger, this sounds amazing !
What an exciting 2016 you have before you.

acorn hollow said...

amazing how wonderful is that space and what a new adventure! congrats on a beautiful space.

dee said...

Ginger, labor of love. It is going to be a wonderful place to go, to be, and to create. Unbelievable all the work you and Danny and the other crews have done. I am really looking forward to attending the first event in this great facility. Blessings, Dee

Karen Martinsen said...

Hi Ginger - my goodness I have missed so much!
Your grand babies are just adorable and it's great that they live close and you can enjoy them often. We have that too. I feel so bad for grandparents who's families live far away.
Oh my your retreat barn looks just wonderful - I'll be checking in to see the changes.
Blessings and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend.

WoolenSails said...

The kids sure are growing and it seems like yesterday that we all talked about the new babies and now we have watched them grow, we truly our one big family in the crafting world. Love the barn, really coming along nicely and it will be a blessing to be able to hold your classes there.


Farm Girl said...

Ginger it is just lovely. I know you are so excited to go into this new year with all of the great things before you. I am so sorry about Danny's brother but glad He is with the Lord.
The kids have grown so much. What pretty kids they are! I love that they are fishing.
I wish you all of the best in this new year.

okienurse said...

Awesome post! Look forward to seeing future developments! It is going to be beautiful and awesome when you get done!

Darlene Szabo said...

This is all so exciting! You new space is going to be fantastic!
Happy New Year...I love visiting your site.

Cheryl Reeves said...

So Happy for your dreams coming true. love this barn and bunkhouse. What fun thus will be for so many people.
Blessings in 2016

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
So nice to see a post from you.
Your grands are just too cute and growing so fast!!!
Your shop is going to be amazing. It is HUGE. Good that you are realizing a dream. Best of luck to you.
Hugs :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

Happy, Happy, New Year Ginger!!! It's been a long, long, time, I know...and wow have those grands grown! Especially Sloan! Sorry to hear about the loss of Danny's brother...that cancer is a horrid thing.... Lost my MIL to the same nasty form. But holy, holy, CR*P! that is one AMAZING retreat you are building! I will not call it a "barn," because, in my world, I've never been in a barn that had a laundry room, restrooms, French doors, or beds with mattresses LOL. How incredible is that going to be! You truly are blessed! Wishing you a wonderful new year ahead...filled with miracles, magic, and much joy. Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Cheryl Reeves said...

So Happy for your dreams coming true. love this barn and bunkhouse. What fun this will be for so many people.
Blessings in 2016