Thursday, March 5, 2015

Down On The Farm

Oh sunny days we are so ready for you!  It's been a cold time here on the Oklahoma Prairie's.    So it's always nice to pull out the scrap wool of yarns and wool strips and create a plain and simple rug.  It is very similar to the rug I hook a few weeks back but I wanted to use my oxford punch for this one. 

I used scraps of  wool 4 ply yarn that I hand dyed  and wool strips that I pulled from my scrap basket.

Danny has been wearing overalls since we dated way back when we were 16 years young!

He was the only guy for first date!  
Not my first kiss....oops stole one in 2nd grade from a lil' red headed boy!  

We had a fun little wool class "Crazy Clutch " it is a pattern my Cricket Street Wool.
Such fun to make :)

Each gal did a little something different on the inside of the clutch.

We had such a good time visiting and stitching.  Thanks to all the ladies who made it out on a cold day.

This lil' boy has been out of school for snow days.  We are mainly a rural school so the buses have a tough time so it is better to play it safe when the roads get snow and ice.
He was sacked out while I was busy at work.....

The lil' girls came over for a visit one afternoon.  Look at Miss Betty standing so tall.  She will be celebrating her first birthday next week!  Eva is such a good big sister and is always ready to tell Sissy about how things should be!

I've been working on some new patterns and hope to share some with you soon.  It's going to be a busy spring and summer and I can hardly wait!

Wishing everyone lots of SUNSHINE and a Happy WEEKEND!

Happy Trails.....Ginger


Shirlee said...

I love the rug design ... still thinking about trying the Oxford one of these days ... & the little wool class looks like it was such fun! Wish I could have attended : )

Saundra said...

Cute design and I thought it looked familiar. Your son is quite the handsome fella. And, you and I have similar tastes in sofas...if you look at my blog you will see mine is real close to yours, if not the same. Lots of school closings here lately too Ginger and my grandson is upset it is now eating into their summer break to make up time.

Farm Girl said...

It looks like so much has been going on. I love all of the ladies there in your area just working away. I can't believe how much your grand son has grown! I love that picture of the girls. That is just so sweet.
It is nice to know things are going so well.

WoolenSails said...

Love your rug and sweet that you based it on your life.