Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting Old

Getting Old is Not Bad!
Sloan nailed it with this handmade card.  He has me needle punching and watching tv and just look at PaPa with his cane and hot coffee!    Don't you just love the tv with rabbit ears how funny!  I don't think Sloan even knows about rabbit ears on a tv then again maybe he does.
Think I will frame this card and put it in my craft room!

I've been doing a little embroidery and applique.  Simple little things :)

These little snowmen will be coasters.
Off to finish a rug on the frame...
Have a great start to your week and stay warm.
Happy Trails....Ginger


woolyredrug said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ginger!
What a precious treasure:)

Shirlee said...

Oh Ginger ... that card is so precious! I would frame it also. What a special treasure : ) Your crafty projects look lovely!

Susan Hemann said...

such a wonderful picture! I would frame it too.

moosecraft said...

Awwww... what a cute card! :-) Love those little snowmen!

Susan said...

What a treasure fom Sloan. Lucky woman you!

Saundra said...

Ginger, that card was a hoot. Yes, it must be framed and bet you will get a chuckle each time you walk past it. Happy 52 you young'n.

Saundra (who is 73 Friday)

okienurse said...

Sloan nailed it! Don't you love the view of a child! Love the coasters!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Sloan's card is too sweet. Yes, that definitely needs to be framed.
Happy, happy birthday.
Hugs :)

acorn hollow said...

so cute that is always the best give to get a childs artwork.