Friday, September 26, 2014

With A Hook and A Punch!

September is quickly passing and we have been busy working at Silver Dollar City and have met so many wonderful folks.   Ann's husband Bill came out for a visit and gave her quite a surprise showing up a few hours early.  She didn't recognize him at first :)  

Loved seeing him dressed the part for the 1800's.....

Mr. Bill had never punched before but as luck would have it Ann taught him how within a matter of minutes and soon he was showing the kiddos how to punch :)

By the 2nd day he was giving out info like a pro!  Thanks Bill for helping us gals out!

Sandy met us last year and bought an Oxford Punch needle and look at some of the great rugs she made!  She tried all sorts of yarns and did a FANTASTIC job on all of them!  I just love seeing what everyone makes.

There are lots of different crafts going on and I stopped on my way back from delivering a package to take a quick picture of a man making a rolling pin.  He was making it on a lathe turned by the big wheel.  

Wishing each of you a weekend of smiles :)

Happy Trails......Ginger


cucki said...

it so beautiful..
lovely fun time x

WoolenSails said...

That looks like a fun event and great to be able to get others interested in punching and hooking. I made a mess of mine, used a hoop and it wasn't taut enough, plus maybe linen is not good? I saw in amy's book that she says monks cloth, but I thought the old soft linen I had was good enough and punching sideways worked better with that to avoid ripping the linen.


sandrasc said...

Oh my!! what a hoot those guys are! Bill and Danny are two very unique fellas. Enjoying all your photos from SDC.