Thursday, October 10, 2013

Finishing Your Needle Punch Projects

I know I have a LOT of needle punches to finish but it won't take too long :)
I apologize for the shaky video and not speaking loud enough.

A few little hints on finishing your needle punch pieces.
Steam press them once you are finished punching.  Let dry and then decide what you plan to do with your piece if you haven't already.
If your piece may possibly be used as something that may get washed you will want to cut around the outside loops about 3/4 inch and then baste the weavers cloth  to the back of your work.  Finish by adding wool or fabric to the back and then add some trim around the edge using things such as jute, wool yarn, wool strips, etc.
For things such as pins, magnets and some projects you may want to place on paper mache or wood boxes you can simply brush some glue onto the back of your work let dry and carefully cut around the edge once it is dry being careful not to cut into the punched loops.  Add wool or fabric to the back, finish off the raw edge around your piece with whip stitching over some  yarn, jute, or wool strips placed next  to the edge.  You want to hide that raw edge of weavers cloth.
Just a couple of easy ways to finish up some needle punch projects!
Happy Trails....Ginger


cucki said...

wow i love day i will truly learn to do needle punch.
i love it so much.
hugs x

Raymond Homestead said...

I am playing catch up, I am going to have to go back and view all your needle punch videos, thank you so much for sharing!

okienurse said...

Awesome idea! I need to finish what I started last year. Any chance of another class in the future. How do I water down the glue to paint on the back of the finished piece?