Sunday, July 10, 2011

Santa Claus and A Mudslide

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas and hooking on Santa and his reindeer. Everything around here is beginning to look like toast...burnt, crunchy toast. I've gave up on the flowers and just hoping to keep the trees alive.

Mud would be a welcome what do you do? Well went to Lowe's and bought some floor paint. Looks like Hershey's syrup but it's called Mudslide.

I actually did finish up painting the room and it looks so much more cozy with a dark floor. Next we will be adding a little room in one corner to move the washer and dryer into and a place to store all the chairs and tables for our gatherings.

Then we need to add the trim and do some insulating in the attic portion. After that we will add in a fireplace area. A little at a time but it's getting there!

With the extreme heat the grasshoppers have invaded. I've just about gave up on the garden.

Well would you look one of the mini pumpkins did make it! Is it too early to start thinking of fall and cool, crisp evenings? It's my absolute favorite time of year.

Big cantelopes are still hanging on.

The sunflowers are thriving in this heat. I do enjoy their beautiful blooms.

The crape myrtles are showing their blooms as see there is beauty bursting through despite this drought.

So look for the small blessings and enjoy what is before you. The simple things in life add up in life and it will rain again once more here on the Oklahoma prairie and when it does I will savor that old familiar smell.

Happy Trails....Ginger


Trace4J said...

Oh I love your santa! Your photos are beautiful. Thanks for sharing and your color on your floor is very warm and cozy. Really like it.

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
I am sorry to hear about your drought situation. It is amazing how quickly things dry up. We had what I believe was one of the wettest April-June's ever and here in Ohio things are turning brown, but not nearly as bad as what you are experiencing. I'll say a prayer to the rain gods for you.
Oh, I love that rug! It is on my "want to hook" list.
Pug hugs ;)

HomeSpunPrims said...

Your Santa rug is looking good Ginger! Isn't it a fun one to do? And you know I'm diggin that brown paint! The pics of your garden are beautiful. Fall isn't so far off now.

primitivebettys said...

Oh Ginger... you do have a way of inspiring us all to do/feel better. Thank you :)

Your rug is looking great & your floor color is most wonderful. The veggies & flowers are beauts as well.

We just gotta keep on truckin' girlfriend! :)

WoolenSails said...

Sounds like you could use some rain, we have been lucky to get some a few times a week, so my gardens are doing well.

Wish my husband would paint our basement floors, but he wanted fake wood, so we can only put down so much until we have money again, lol.


Farm Girl said...

So sorry about your heat, it was so hot here that the blooms on my poor pumpkins just burned up. We have a cooling trend this week, so maybe things will make a come back.
The floor looks nice and I love your rug.

annie said...

Love your rug and the walls in your room. The color will be just perfect with those walls. Hope you get some rain soon. Blessings be upon you!

moosecraft said...

Mmmmmmm.. a chocolate floor!!!! You're my kind of decorator! :-) The crape myrtle is stunning! Beautiful color! I know you already have enough to do... but I read in a gardening magazine that folks use their dish and washing machine rinse water to water their plants. Just a thought... I know... you're probably laughing really hard right now... :-)

jennifer768 said...

Love your Santa !Beautiful paint color for the floor . Your garden pics are awesome.Hugs,Jen

Wool-Stitches said...

Love your Santa rug! Seems that we are having same problem with no rain! Your garden looks so much better then mine. Lol. Praying for a drop of rain for us!

mdgtjulie said...

Rug looks good, Ginger. It's been hot and dry here too. We've had about an inch of rain since Wed of last week and temps have been in the mid nineties every day! I hope you get some rain soon, and then we get it shortly after! The floor looks great painted like that. I'm not usually a brown person, but it matches the feel of the walls!!

Doris said...

I'm doing a rain dance for you Ginger, sure hope you get some relief from that drought soon. Your santa is just adorable, what an undertaking but so worth it!