Tuesday, October 12, 2010

*Rug Hooking with Friends*

Danny celebrated another birthday today....actually we went out for a nice meal with Jenn our daughter and her friend Ryan last night since she was teaching a wellness class this evening. Then tonight it was out again with our son Dan and Danny's folks for another wonderful evening.

So A HaPPy Birthday to Danny!!!! He's a wonderful husband, dad, son, brother, and papa and he's not to bad of a boss at work either :)

My lil' guy is off visiting his other grandma so with time on my hands and with it being the monthly gathering of the rug hooking group in Moore, Okla. I loaded up my truck with this snow guy and a few wooly worms and off I went.

There was eight of us today and everyone had a great time visiting.

Carol does fine hooking and doesn't the Santa she is working on look beautiful!

Sandra has been working on an Autumn Rug by Buttermilk Basin.

Kaye finishes a rug or two by each meeting. She also works on needle punch and cross stitch pieces.

Pati brought her pumpkin rug that she has been doing the binding on. She is determined to get it done and soon!

Kaye was working on this needle punch by With Thy Needle and Thread.

Becky a brand new rug hooker made this pumpkin and crow mat. You would never know this is just her 2nd piece to hook!

This big friendly witch rug was made by Kaye and the colors were just perfect together.

Well it was a fun~filled day. I'm missing my lil' guy but sometimes I have to share!
Now about that ol' centipede....I found out some information on it and it has a bite that can cause quite a bit of pain so I don't feel so bad that it is gone as in SQUISHED! Yes, I'm just a bit leary looking around for more...so far so good!

Happy Trails....Ginger


Jacque. said...

Ginger, sounds like you had a fun day. Love the photos of the rugs...good going, all!

moosecraft said...

Squished is a good thing! :-) Love all the rugs!!! Especially your snowman rug, and Pati's pumpkin rug... and that Santa rug is WOW with all the details and shading! Happy Birthday to Danny!!!

katie said...

Wow, great rug show.
Santa and bird is wonderful. Fine hooking, have yet to try it.
Sloan and grandpa look like they are having a fun time in the first photo.

Jacqueline said...

thanks for sharing your day with your friends.. it is always inspiring to see other peoples work.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Happy Birthday to Danny!!!!!
Your day spent away from Sloan looked like a lot of fun, and we all need that time spent with friends. Glad you had a day to do it. Love the pieces you showed. That Santa, wow. Lovely shading. All the pieces were a joy to look at, thanks for sharing!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
That picture of Danny and Sloan is just too cute. How Danny can look so serious wearing those glasses is beyond me! Happy birthday to him and many, many more :)
I love your snowman rug. I suppose by now you are done with it! I am not a fine hooker and never will be, but I absolutely adore Carol's Santa rug!!!
Pug hugs :)

primitivebettys said...

Well, I for one much prefer to see these beautiful rugs than that ol' bug. I'm glad he is squished & hope he doesn't have any kin living close by.

Happy Birthday Danny! :)

Karen said...

I wish we had a shop that sold rug hooking supplies and gave classes. I know of nothing in central Florida.

Joanne said...

Great rugs and looks like a fun inspiring day!

Happy Birthday to Danny!

I can't image a problem with one less of those icky things in the world!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to Danny. He looks like he is having a very serious discussion with Sloan! lol
P.S. That creature from your last post.....freaked me out. I think I would have passed out!

Farm Girl said...

Those are beautiful rugs. I think it would be so nice to have a place like that to get together and hook.

I do love that Santa's face. and the witch rug gosh I could sit here and drool all over my keyboard.
Glad to know you squished that bug. So creepy!
Have a great day!

sandrasc said...

It was a fun day with all of you hookers. Your snowman rug is gonna be a real winner. As to that centipede...that is totally disgusting to look at. Glad you or anyone there didn't get bit. But do keep alert for anymore like it.

WoolenSails said...

What a beautiful display of rugs and I really love that santa.


Farmchick said...

WOW...you are some talented ladies. They all look so wonderful. :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog awhile back. Hope you can come back soon for a visit. :)

ShabbySheep said...

Thanks for the rug show! I LOVE blogs! You've got a talented group of friends!

Thistle House Primitives said...

Fun to look at all the rugs! Thanks for sharing! I need to get busy with some projects instead of spending so much time browsing on the computer!!

Angie Berry said...

How fun to be surrounded by such creativity! All the rugs are just beautiful! Love your snowman that you are working on, he is a cutie!