Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hang On It's A Bit Windy Today!

You sure can take a beating from a load of laundry if your trying to hang it out on the line today here in Oklahoma but I conquered that basketful of towels and plan to try it again!

A little wind warning if your shopping and come out with a basketful of groceries hang onto the lightweight packages or you just might find yourself chasing a few packages across the parking lot. I speak from experience. Then again it's good exercise and surely you've gave someone a good laugh today!

Well I picked up the hook last night I just couldn't resist any longer...The rugs that still need bound are sitting right beside my chair and I am binding on one...I have promised myself to get them done and soon!

Can you guess what this is going to be? I'm just using up some of the extra wooley worms in the scrap they will each have there on individual look!

Happy Trails....Ginger


Deb said...

I wonder if all that wind is going to come up this way. We were like that a couple days ago - you really had to watch the car doors and little kids! LOL

Don't know what you're going to do with the rug, but I like it already!

kathyinozarks said...

Super windy here in the ozarks of missouri too, and I am doing the same thing today-lol-doing the wash and hanging it on the line-the sheets were quite fun to get up on the line-giggling.
but I decided to take advantage of the sun, warmer weather, and the wind to dry clothes.
are you making a rug? I am all set up for hooking now, and working on my very first project-fun!

moosecraft said...

Well you sure gave me a good giggle! :-) Very windy here the last 3 days too. Supposed to ease up tomorrow though. Penny rug is looking great!

Country Whispers said...

Are they going to be flowers of some sort??
The wind was so strong last week that I eventually had to just take my clothes off of the line. It was blowing my clothespins off. I guess I need extra heavy duty pins for days like that.

patijane said...

That wind just wears me out when I'm outside. Still working at cleaning house. Glad you picked up the hook again. Looks like big bull's eyes or large pennies on a penny rug. Whatever they are they look great and colors are wonderful.

WoolenSails said...

We had wicked winds here too. Guess one front was moving out and a nice warmer one is coming in.


katie said...

Yes we got wind to . Lots of it, I am ready for it to settle down for awhile.
I love the scrappy look of using up worms. Nice colors.

How many binding projects do you have left to do??