Thursday, February 4, 2010

If I Had A Wishing Well.....

If I had a wishing well I would throw in a penny or two and wish for some sunny days to dry up all this rain and melting snow. We are past the point of soggy!

Tonight as I drove home I was lost on my own road trying to figure out where to turn since the fog was thick as pea soup. Luckily I could see the light at the house now I just had to figure out where the gate to the drive was!

I hooked up both of this lil' mats tonight...just got to do the binding but that will wait until another day. They are predicting more SNOW where is that sunshine???

Happy Trails....Ginger


Nancy said...

oh, let me toss my penny in there too.... we are having such gray days here in the midwest...

Michelle Palmer said...

I will toss my penny in, too! :)

Just found your blog... it is wonderful! So talented, so very sweet~


Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
Here's hoping your weather begins to improve and signs of spring are on their way!
You are amazing!!! Two hooked mats in one evening!!! I wish I could hook half that fast. Both are very sweet.
I'd send sunshine your way but there's none to be found in northern Ohio.
Pug hugs :)

primitivebettys said...

One good thing from all the icky weather ~ you have been hooking up a storm! Your new mats are just darling!! :)

Stay safe ~ Stay warm ~ heck... just stay IN the house! :)



my cup of tea said...

Very nice! You always do such beautiful work!

Lori said...

You are fast at hooking Ginger!! Such sweet little mats!

Corinne Burke said...

It's -30c in the shade here not sure which is worse.

I will wish for sunny for you.

Joanne said...

Just darling Ginger - you sure are quick but quick or slow you are wonderful at what you do!

Teri said...

Hi Ginger,
Love the idea of hooking some sun! ... If you do find any sun, try to send a little this way ... my pond is beyond full!
It really is a mess ...and yes they are saying more snow for KY.tonite!
Stay dry or try to.