Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Lil' PuP named "DAISY"

Our newest lil' addition here on the farm is "Daisy" a mix of Great Pyrenese and Border Collie and she is one roly poly lil' pup. We picked her up over at my Mom and Dad's this evening. Mom and Dad kept two of her brothers. I'm sure Sloan is going to enjoy having a pup to play with.

We had a very busy weekend around the farm planting shade trees and having Sloan over on Saturday. He enjoyed playing in the little swimming pool and with the help of his PaPa they soaked me with the waterhose. Boys will be boys no matter what age!

Sloan loves tractors and he had his first ride in the big green tractor. He loved every minute of it.

The weather has been so nice that I've been trying to catch up on the gardening and flowerbeds and I got a bit burnt, oh well more freckles!

For those doing the primitive sampler I'll have another doodle tomorrow!

Happy Trails....Ginger


primitivebettys said...

Looks like another fun day on the farm! Cute puppy... but Sloan still wins when it comes to a Cuteness Contest! :)

We have been moving trees around too... but digging by hand. Good thing the ones we are moving are pretty small huh?

Mary said...

Ginger, LOVE your new puppy! I always wanted a great pyrenese! Any more left? Might just have to drive out to OK. (Of course Betty is right! Sloan is cuter but didn't think you'd let me bring him home!!!)

Have a great day!

Mary - MD

moosecraft said...

Uh oh... we had a border collie mix when we were kids! AND, her name was Daisy!!! LOL! Bestest dog ever! I wish you many happy years together with your Daisy! :-)

WoolenSails said...

Oh, I want one of those puppies, lol.
I have a border collie and love the great pyrenees, what a neat mix.

The guys sure have fun together.


kelley said...

I want one too...Daisy looks like a little dream girl right now...can't imagine how big she'll be when she grows up...and then she'll herd everybody in to one room...and Sloan will probably be in 7th heaven with her...