Thursday, March 26, 2009

Are You Sure They Said ~S*N*O*W
What Happened to Spring?

It's been an upside down crazy week and it's not over yet! Our trees are blooming, the lilac smells so good and on every local news channel the forecast is a winter storm warning. U*N*B*E*L*I*E*V*A*B*L*E.....

The heater is back on and the long sleeve shirts and jackets are back! Well it's looking like spring at least in my sewing room. I'm working on the rug that Gene Shepherd started on his blog hook-in. With the Noel rug done the lil' bird and basket is soon to be finished, too.

The punchneedle has been popping through the cloth at a pretty fast pace trying to get ready for the LPS updates due on the 1st. I'm hoping to have them done early for once....we'll see!

Sloan loves to talk and for almost being 18 months old this lil' one can sure say a lot of words and even a few short sentences.

He must be calling PaPa to tell him we need more milk.

He is our official cookie inspector and even has the shirt that tells everyone so. Oreos are high on the thumbs up list!

Happy Trails...Ginger


Shellmo said...

I love that bird & the basket! And how precious is your telephone talker and cookie taster?! :-)

Whimsical Works by Shug said...

Morning Ginger.... Hope that the poor weather will not kill all that beautiful bloomings. Keep warm and work hard on those beautiful punchneedles you create!!!!
Best to you and Sloan is growing more handsome every day.
All the best,

KKJD1 said...

Snow! No way. Sure hope it bypass you. Love the punchneedle so pretty and springy. Oh and yes Oreos and milk, mmmmm Ill give it 2 thumbs up! Have a wonderful Friday. Blessings,Karen

primitivebettys said...

It is unbelievable how much snow we are suppose to get! TERRIBLE!!! Please stay safe and warm.

Sloan looks like he will be spending his snowy days just right... talking to Grandpa and eating cookies!! :) He is just soooo cute!



Lucy said...

In Pittsburgh we call that the Onion it and you'll get the full scoop! Welcome it...usually the last one of the season.

Carrie P. said...

Your projects are great. Do you think Sloan would share those Oreos? yummy

Terry said...

I saw that about the weather on the news. Sure hope you aren't in the path of the blizzard!
Love your punch needles designs, especially the flag one.
Your little cookie monster is adorable and getting so big!

Doris said...

Never have I ever seen a cuter little boy than Sloan!! I look forward to seeing his pictures and your comments. He is a little darling!!