Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rockin' My Baby~

In the last few days we have received some much welcome rains. The ponds are still lower that we would like but we are still just as thankful.

Our little grandson had to have his immunizations once again and with it came the usual fever and just wanting to be held. So I've done quite a bit of rocking and by the end of the evening he had started to feel much better once again.

He loves to run for the french doors when he sees his Daddy coming to pick him up after work. I remember my children as they would run to the door when they were little, yelling "Daddy's Home, Daddy's Home" it still makes me smile just thinking of how happy they were that Daddy was home from work.

I wanted to share with you some photo's of two needle punch pieces done by Doris of Wellington Woolies. She does beautiful work and these are from my Christmas Time's a Comin' Booklet. It's always fun to see how each one comes to life under the hands of different artist!

As promised I have a few more giveaways so check back in a day or so to see what I'll be offering next.

Happy Trails....Ginger


primitivebettys said...

Cuddling is always nice... no matter how young or old. :) Give Sloan a lil' kiss for me. I hope he is all better tomorrow.

Lovely punches Doris! :)


Gingerbread said...

Hi Ginger, Here in England it is a damp cool day but the sun is shinning bright. Oh I remember the immunizations well with my to, who are grown up now. I agree lots of cuddles are the best. Julie.C


Lucky you...there is nothing as comforting as rocking a baby,I can hardly wait till the day that I get to be blessed as a grandma! Enjor your baby and thanks for sharing the Daddy is home memories...

basketsnprims said...

Glad he's feeling better. Love those needle punches. Thanks for sharing.


Kimberly said...

Beautiful pics! Needle punch, rug hooking... next on my list of "things to learn!"

...and if it's rain you seek, come visit me! This corner of BC is called the Lower Mainland, or should I say, the Lower Rainland!

Have a great day and hug that baby for me!

Carrie P. said...

I always hated it when my kids had to get their shots. The punch needle pieces are very cute. I am getting ready to a couple pieces for gifts.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

So pretty!