Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Basket Weaving

Do you remember making a basket in High School?  Way back when I was in school we had art and we had a fantastic art teach....we were able to do pottery, basket weaving, pen and ink, and lots of different things. 
Here at Prairie Moon Primitives and Retreats we love offering all kinds of classes.
My sister Sherry is making this wonderful muffin basket.  I'm glad she came out this last Saturday!  She usually crochets so this was something new to try.

My sister Jane and her daughter Mandy came, too.  Jane made a basket in the last class so she decided to make a different basket this time.
Pauline and LaJuana teaching the gals the different kinds of baskets.

Pati and Carrie

Mom and her cousins

Marlene and Ryan (mom and son)

Nita, Skye, and Megan

Charlotte was making a colorful basket.

Megan and Skye



Another basket class is scheduled for April 29th! 

 Irish Knitting Basket

Fruit Basket

Susie Q
I am also carrying some finished baskets in the shop! 
Happy Trails......Ginger


Three Sheep Studio said...

These are beautiful. Looks like fun !

Farm Girl said...

What great baskets!!! I used to make them a long time ago, its been years. I love the ones you have like that Irish Knitting Basket. I like the multicolored God's Eye on the side. Its just wonderful.
So many fun things are going on at your place Ginger.

WoolenSails said...

What a fun class and a lot of beautiful baskets. I love the irish basket, that is a nice design.


Saundra said...

Some of those guys and gals look like pros. Beautiful baskets!!!!