Monday, March 3, 2014

The Woods Are Full of Animals

We have a little Betty Rae that will be arriving in just about a month and her room will be filled with woodland animals.....I drew up a pretty rough draft straight on linen and just started hooking this evening.  You will have to check back and see the forest come alive with these fun loving animals!
In between dyeing lots of needle punch and oxford punch yarns....we stay busy playing and making trips home from school.
Sometimes I even get time to make a few needle punch kits, locker hook kits, oxford punch and rug hooking kits to be displayed this fall.

I try to multi~task as much as I can maybe why I make such a mess!

It's been a cold start to March and I know everyone far and wide is hoping and wishing for spring!
Bundle up and stay warm,......
Happy Trails.....Ginger


Trace4J said...

So precious and exciting.
Can't wait for Spring.
Woolie Blessings

acorn hollow said...

Oh I love that rug! I Can't wait to see it finished.
you are always so busy such great color.

Primitive Stars said...

Morning, love woodland animals, sweet, Keep Cozy, Francine.

WoolenSails said...

That is going to be so cute. I was thinking of that for my grandson, but he has carpet in his room, and not sure if I have the time;)


annie said...

love betty's room, how sweet!
you look very organized!

primitivebettys said...

This Betty loves the rug! :-) Great yarns too!