Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow Day!

Yes I admit it....I have an addiction to needle punch!  It is such a fast way to accomplish a project :)

Now what to make these flower bouquets into????

This young man had a snow day today....He spent the night and we woke up to this!  Too bad it isn't the good packing kind of snow but that didn't stop him from having fun!

Hope you are staying warm and comfortable on this cold evening :)

Happy Trails......Ginger


acorn hollow said...

I need to try punch needle again I am having a hard time getting use to doing it.

WoolenSails said...

I do love punch needle, but haven't done any lately, been resting my hand and still hurts, so might as well punch, lol. Now maybe you find it fast, or i am just slow, lol. We are getting the storm tonight but not much on the coast, just a dusting.


annie said...

pretty punches! I remember just living for snow days! Enjoy your weekend!

Sue at The Boar's Breath Ranch said...

Wow. We're still in the 70s. I love your work.

Primitive Stars said...

Lovely, rug, so beautiful....Pretty snow day, bet he had fun, Blessings Francine.

Trace4J said...

Oh I love it friend.
I will learn as soon as christmas is over.
Happy fun snow day!
Woolie Christmas joy!

Three Sheep Studio said...

I am right there with you Ginger.
Needlepunch is so much fun and very addictive !

marie said...

We had a snow day here in Oregon. A wonderful change, but sure is cold. Love your designs.