Monday, July 16, 2012

Wool Yarn and A Lil' of This and That!

Hand dyed wool yarn works so nice when it comes to needle punch!
It runs smoothly through my punch needle and I just love how it looks. Looks like the tinest hooking but it is punched!

Isn't Miss Eva Mae growing! She is an absolute doll and is full of smiles. I kept her this afternoon while her momma worked. We spent the afternoon walking around the house and talking of going to the zoo one day. It was just me and her this afternoon as Sloan is with his Mom this week. (Missing my lil' grandboy already) She took a week of vacation days and is spending the whole week with his Dad wishes he was off work, too!

Slowly loops are being pulled on the Bittersweet. Enjoying every minute of the progress. Do you see my "wool tree" in the background?

Isn't it a handy wool holder? I was talking to a lady at rug camp last month and she said she had one stored away and would like to sell it. Didn't take me long to say that I would like to have one.

It looks very simple to make.

Well I do believe I have a little bit of ADD going on in my life. I just can't seem to concentrate on one thing. I pull loops and punch...then can't wait to paint on something....wish I could channel it all into downsizing my stash of crafty stuff but then again I might NEED it!
More needle punches just about done :)

And then.....I started some more! Next on the list is learning how to dye yarn! Any suggestions are gladly appreciated :)

Happy Trails....Ginger


Trace4J said...

Morning Friend
Love this post. Beautiful woolie creations.
She sure is getting big.
Love & JOY

moosecraft said...

Little Eva Mae is a sweetie pie! Love how your bittersweet is hooking up! It's on my list of designs I'd like to hook.... you know... that ever growing list? lol!

Country Whispers said...

Miss Eva looks so sweet!
Just wait till she's a bit can only imagine all the neat little things that lil' Sloan and her can get into together.
Loving your new fall creations!

annie said...

Your sweet little one is just precious! pink camo!
love all your photos, the tree is wonderful!

cucki said...

aww lovely yarn..i love the colors so much..
cute miss eva..kisses for her..
i love the sweet pumpkin so much..
love for you always xxx

Raymond Homestead said...

Love all your projects! That wool tree would be a nice thing to have!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Hee hee, I have the same problem. I tried to downsize my craft stuff, but I love punching, hooking, painting, and stitching and couldn't give any of them up! Your punkins are cute. :-)

Farm Girl said...

I often wonder about me and ADD I do the same thing. It all looks so good. I love your pumpkins. Your grand daughter is so pretty. It is so cute that her and Sloan look so much a like. My son and my niece are always being mistaken for twins.
I always enjoy seeing what you are working on. I have never dyed yarn.
I have barely started on dying wool. :)

cindy said...

oh, i love that yarn! did you get it at a yarn shop? just wondering if joann fabric or michaels carries it... love that grandbaby too! cindy

doris said...

Love little Eva Mae, she is the sweetest! Your pumpkins are great, I'm ready for Fall!