Wednesday, October 5, 2011

~*Cooler Days*~

I absolutely love Autumn...the windows wide open with the cool breeze filling our home. The birds busily chirping to one another and listening to the cows softly calling to their calves. The rustle of the leaves as they are quickly dropping from the trees and the pop of the American flag as it proudly flies on a cloudy day.

Today Sloan and I enjoyed a little artwork done with markers. I have my set and he has his special set.

He worked really hard on his Alien Cat and monster pumpkins.

We also had a lil' black cat come up a few days ago and has made itself a home in the shop near the house. He is as gentle as can be and Sloan insist he is a "Halloween Cat" So I guess we will be calling him Halloween.

Wishing each of you cool Autumn breezes.

Happy Trails....Ginger


Susan At Glen Oaks Primitives said...

Hi, Ginger,
What lovely colorful artwork you made. The colors are just brilliant, I love them!
A lot of bloggers have been having stray
kitties come up to there house and get
adopted. That cat's face is the sweetest.
I'm glad he/she has a home now.
Your latest eBay offering is adorable, I love the legs on the pumpkin!
Warm Regards,

Rugs and Pugs said...

Ginger ~
Your little Halloween designs are just too sweet! I'm happy to hear your weather is finally cooling down.
Sloan is getting so big! Such a cutie.
Pug hugs :)

primitivebettys said...

Halloween is just the cutest! We have any cats, as you know... but I have always wanted a black one & none of ours are.

Cute drawings too!!

WoolenSails said...

I used to love doing crafts when my kids were small and if I was working on pieces for sale, the kids could work on their own things. I am seeing more strays myself, the cold weather is bringing them closer to the houses since the coyotes are out looking to fill up before winter.


Country Whispers said...

We're enjoying the cool breezes here too!
Love the art work that you both did and that kitty is so cute.

Farm Girl said...

It looks like a nice Halloween cat.
After your hot summer I am so glad you are having nice fall weather.
How is Sloane's arm? Is it healed now from break dancing?
Have a lovely weekend.