Monday, February 28, 2011

Friends, Fun, and Treasures!

Lenexa Hook-In(left to right) Chelle, Sher, Me, Sandra, Betty, Pati, and Robin)

We had a wonderful time while visiting in Kansas and Missouri. Our first stop was at Betty's home and you couldn't have asked for a more warm welcome from such a dear friend and her family. Warm glazed pear muffins and pumpkin spice bread was served with iced tea. It was delicious.

Betty gave each of us a book she had covered with wool and each one was different.

It's an absolute treasure that is just priceless in my book! Love every detail of it. Thanks so much Betty!

On the backside of the cover.

Then Robin (Betty's sil) gave each of us a needle punched lil' box. She does such beautiful work. Another treasure that had me grinning from ear to ear. Thank you Robin.

Robin also gave me a beaded needle threader for my punch needle, a veggie dip mix, earrings, and a awesome smelling candle.

Betty also had a package for Sloan to open that she sent with me. He just loved the scooby doo shirt and coloring book.

Inside the package was also a new plate, cup, and bowl with How to Train a Dragon and of course he had to use them for breakfast and lunch today. Thank you Betty and Trinity....Sloan just loved it all.

Okay, I have tons of treasures to share. We not only went to the hook in but hit a couple of antique shops and an awesome shop called American Whatever.

First though I must say I just loved visiting with all the gals in the top picture. It was so good to finally meet Chelle. She has recently joined the eBay group I'm on AAPG and we had such fun getting to know one another.

Betty took time to show Pati how to cross stitch on linen and gave her some helpful hints.

Here is some of the treasures I came home with. Lots of wool, patterns, wool yarn, and a cookbook.

I'll share some of the great rugs that were at the hook-in tomorrow. It was such a fun trip and I enjoyed every minute of it with some really wonderful friends.

Happy Trails....Ginger


moosecraft said...

Gorgeous smiles from a gorgeous group of ladies!!! You certainly found an armload (or two) of treasures! Looking forward to seeing your creations from it all! The Scooby Doo shirt is way too cute! Thanks for sharing the day with those of us who really wanted to (but simply couldn't) be there!!! :-)

primitivebettys said...

Oh Ginger... it was an absolute DREAM to spend so much time with all you girls. I do wish we could get together more often. You are all so dear to my heart!

Joanne said...

Great pics of the rugs and great shots of you gals! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

sandrasc said...

Enjoyed the rug show/hookin, but mostly just enjoyed being with friends...did we have a blast or what??? Stopping by Betty D's, antique shopping & quilt shops, eating til we were miserable, laughing, punching, hooking, crocheting, visiting with other hookers, just the bestest fun!!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Love the picture of all of you :)
What a wonderful day to share! Great pictures, thanks for sharing. Enjoyed looking at them over and over.

Robin said...

Oh Ginger I'm so glad you liked your gifts, I absoluitly love the dish cloth you made me, it works great. I really enjoyed our time together. All of you girls are just so sweet, Wish you were closer to go antique shopping with us or to the auctions, Betty and I have so much fun doing that,
Thanks again Robin :)