Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In The Blink of An Eye!

My baby boy turned 26 years old today! It's hard to believe it but here it is 26 years later and he has a lil' one of his own.

He has always been so easy going with a great sense of humor that often kept you on your toes....

Happy Birthday Dan!!!!

Love, Mom


Corinne Burke said...

ahhhh cute. I'm raising my boyfriends 8 and 10 age old right now. They say it goes fast!! I remember wiping poop-y bums not long ago. LOL

primitivebettys said...

Happy Birthday Dan! :)


sandrasc said... the "blink of an eye" they are all grown up. As the old saying goes..."time marches on".
It is wonderful that your dad is doing so well. Pray that he will continue to heal & be back working on his farm.

Cotton Eyed Jo said...

Sunrise, sunset swiftly flow the days... It is a blessing to watch a child grown to an adult you'd choose for a friend, and are proud to call son! Jo