Saturday, August 15, 2009

Counting My Blessings

Hello Dear Friends.....
It's been one topsy turvy week....What was right side up went wrong side up and I know each of you have had days or weeks that have been like that. I have to say with God in every circumstance I can and will make it through. So today I've planted a smile on my face, wiped away a few tears, and am counting my blessings!

One of my blessings in life is "Danny" and yesterday was our 28th Wedding Anniversary.....I count each year a milestone. A year of joys and sorrows, of smiles and yes a few frowns! Days where we hold hands and days where we need a lil' space. Days where we help each other up with an encouraging word or an unspoken prayer. So as we continue this journey and grow older and joys and sorrows come our way I want to walk hand in hand with him by my side.

Well folks I've started another blog. I hope to declutter my sewing room and downsize some of my HUGE stash of quilting supplies, books, and oh so much more! So when you have some time hope you'll stop over at Happy Trails Primitives and see what I plan to offer.

Hope each of you have a wonderful weekend and remember to count your blessings!

Happy Trails.....Ginger


Kimberly said...

Happy Anniversary Ginger! I hope you had a great day... did you go out and paint the town red?

I'm on my way over to check out your new blog right now...

patijanesprimitives said...

Happy Anniversary, Ginger & Danny. Hope you have 28+ more wonderful years together. Keep that smile on your face.

Stina said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!!!
Hope the new week wlll be a better one.. take care!!!

theolde stone house said...

Happy Anniversary Ginger. I am interested in the Art to Heart Patriotic Book you have for sale. Do you still have it?? What do I need to do to purchase??


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Rhonda~ I do have the book set aside for you please email me at

primitivebettys said...

Happy Anniversary wishes to you and Danny! When I saw you both in person, it was clear that the two of you are in love forever and always! :)