Tuesday, February 3, 2009

It's Been a Rodeo!

Just look at the grin on this lil' one's face...He does love the country life!

Here is the onery little calf we have been force and I do mean force bottle feeding. Seems like it has a mind of it's own! She just can't seem to understand just yet what a bottle is for. She snorts, paws, and yes will charge you if your not careful. She doesn't look very big but she weighs around 125 pounds and she is stout as can be!

This evening before Sloan goes home we will make a trip to the barn and watch as his Daddy and Papa see if they can get "Miss Sassy" to understand!

Happy Trails...Ginger


Amy said...

That Slaon is a doll.The calf is so sweet.I was raised in Los Angeles,so I was never was around ant critters.
Since we are in Texas now, my best friend has acreage and she had 21 Longhorns one time.I would go out there and be scared to death and fascinated all at once.The bull was the scary guy,but she could pet him.
Sloan is lucky to get the experience so young.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I always wondered how much a calf weighs. Hope she learns to love her bottle, poor dear. Yes, Sloan looks like a natural!


Debi said...

Ginger dear,
I had a very good visit. Yes Sloan is an adorable little fellow! :D
And I think "Miss Sassy" is just asturting her independance, lol.
My little brother (47 now lol) my hubby and myself have cattle too. Whenever we have a calf without a mommy... or a mommy that has lost her calf... it is MY job to make sure we don't lose the calf or the cow!! So I know what you mean about onery little critters! We just had a cow break her leg, just after the calf was born... so now we have a calf that needs care. It took two days to get "little bit" to take a bottle, he thought he was stubborn, but decided food was better! I foud holding the bottle in one hand, his head... or throat in the other and massaging his throat helped to make him want to drink. But I am sure you all know all of this after all these years lol. Sorry not meaning to tell you how to. I wish your son and husband all the best! Our grandchildren love to see and feed the calves too!!! (ours are Taryn, 5, and Brock 3.) Looking forward to stopping by for another visit soon.
Debi xo