Friday, April 11, 2008

Early Style Penny Rug & Pinkeep

It has been a wet windy few days. We have seen heavy flooding rains and straight line winds. While some of our nearby neighbors have suffered damages to their homes and property we were spared except for picking up everything that wasn't tied down.

I saw a family of little ducks finding a swimming hole in one of the large puddles that still stands in some of the trees. I guess the nearby pond with it's choppy waves was just to much for a swim today.

Well with these cool days again and soggy grounds planting is put off but finding time to make a penny rug and pinkeep was just right. I have been wanting to try my hand at making a early style penny rug with farm animals with a look of simplicity. My scrap basket had some scrap wools that worked just fine and I blanket stitched the animals on with some hand~dyed crochet cotton. I used osnaburg linen that I primmed with some dye trying to achieve that look of olde. I even tried my hand at feather stitching and decided I like the look for bordering the penny rug.

I have so many scrap baskets guess I just can't part with the smallest of threads. So I went to needle punching this olde~style penny rug pinkeep with a hit and miss border. Seems as though the day is not complete until I take some time to do a little stitchin'....

Happy Trails to You....Ginger (nyafarmgirl)

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primitivebettys said...

Ginger, Your works are truly charming. What are you planning to do with the penny rug with the farm animals? I'm interested. Please let me know. :)