Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring ~ Tyme Down on The Farm

I just love this new lil' calf. The markings are so unusual with the white socks, white tip tail, white face and lil' belly. Just too cute!

We stopped for a few minutes on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the warm days we are having here in Oklahoma. Our lil' grandson "Sloan and Grandpa Danny" are my two cool guys! Sloan turned 5 months old on Sunday and is getting so big.

Well normally I avoid the camera like the plague but when it comes to being a proud Grandma I couldn't resist....

Danny and Lil' Dan have been busy breaking up the ground getting it ready for planting some bermuda sprigs. Hopefully they will get it in before the spring rains start.

This is our farmhouse...we have been so very blessed. We have another farmhouse that our daughter Jenn and her hubby JJ live in near our welding business. Our other home was built way back before indoor plumbing. Of course over the years it has been updated many times and is a good ol' farmhome. I sure like this new more skunks crawling under the house during the middle of the night!

We just added this shop out back of the house for Danny to work on tractors and such. Of course I have a few tricycles and Sloan's wagon in there. All the boys have to have their toys!

I just happened to see a new calf being born on Sunday and grabbed my camera. It wasn't long before the new lil' one was being encouraged by all the others to get up.

Within just a few minutes after some coaxing this lil' fella made his way up!

With all the new life and ground breaking going on spring should be just around the corner. Hope you have enjoyed a little bit of our neck of the woods!

Happy Trails to You....Ginger

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